Dental Ultra-HD Microscope

Miscroscopic dentistry takes credit for our move closer to absolute precision The dental microscope gives our dentists the power of working with upto 40x magnification thus performing treatment marked by superior microscopic precision.

In interventions that require maximum of precision and the fullest treatment control, in addition to dental loupes, we use top-quality dental microscopes since 1998.

And now, we even move forward to Ultra HD Microscope from Carl Zeiss 2018

Microscopic dentistry represents modern trends in dental medicine and guarantees superior quality of dental performance.

Microscopic treatment and its advantages for the patient the precision used in the dental procedure improves its lifespan even the tiniest cavities can be dealt with, less time-demanding small cavity treatment a flawless treatment guaranteed even hard-to-access otherwise invisible areas and tooth details can be dealt with

Our clinic offers microscope-assisted treatments of absolute precision for a wide spectre of dental interventions.