Endodontic Dentistry

Endodontics is the new techniques allow us to offer you very safe, painless, one session root canal treatment with reliable and durable results

Why, when and how it works?

Root canal treatments are done whenever the decay reaches a point where it starts to irritate the nerve inside the canals causing the teeth to become sensitive to cold, heat and sweets or when we need to prepare a tooth for a crown or to change a deep filling and to prevent hypersensitivity and nuisance to the patient. Root canal treatment can only be done on "adult" teeth which means teeth with complete with totally edified roots otherwise if teeth are not fully erupted and roots are not complete other procedures must be done first to achieve a status where root canal treatment can be performed safely. Teeth with defected previous root canal treatment usually cause problems but although their re-treatment is a long and complicated procedure but reliable final results can be obtained.

New techniques and sophisticated electronic equipments and massive training have helped to improve the quality of root canal treatment thus becoming very safe, painless, fast with reliable and durable results. n the past root canal treatment was considered as a short transition phase before extracting the teeth however nowadays teeth with "good" root canal treatment can last as long as normal teeth. In conclusion we can say that no more several appointments for root canal treatment and no more pain or discomfort and no more short time results, as a matter of fact it has improved to the point that it has become a routine treatment with no discomfort, no pain and with long lasting results.