Dental Implants

A dental implant is a man-made replacement for natural teeth which allows the person to return to fixed teeth. Dental implants fuse with the jawbone to form a secure foundation for tooth replacement.

The implants are manufactured from biologically neutral pure Titanium. Titanium is proven to be acceptable by the human body and it will not cause material-related rejection.

The categories of dental implants will be selected by the doctor depending on your specific needs and general dental condition. You would require an x-ray to evaluate the amount of bone remaining, models of your mouth to determine space available and a thorough examination to decide which type of implant can help you the most.

There are two basic types of implants available at our clinic:

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Regain your confidence and increased quality of life
  • Reduce size and construct a more natural functional bridge or denture
  • The solid anchorage of the dental implant will allow you to increase your chewing pressure, so eat anything you want
  • Improves speech as compared to having dentures
  • Prevent further loss of teeth and bone support
  • Young, natural appearance
  • Expected lifelong replacement for lost tooth
  • No slipping, sliding clicking dentures or worrying about your dentures popping out in embarrassing situations

Dental Implant Restoration Types

Single Tooth Implant

The single tooth implant restoration consists of three separate parts. Namely, the implant which replaces the tooth root, the post which will support the crown and the prosthetic crown. The crown can be cemented onto the post or held in place with a screw.

Implant Supported Dentures

Implants allow you to wear full dentures and partial dentures without worrying that they will slip or fall out. Having implants to support these restorations also means that the base of the restorations can be made much smaller and more comfortable. The dentures may be fixed, using bridges, or removable, using overdentures or partial removable dentures.

For overdentures, implants with screws placed in the jaw will serve as attachments for a metal bar, which will help support a removable denture. Use of 2 to 6 implants may be used for stability, as necessary. The new denture snaps over the bar and is stabile and very retentive. The completed fixed-detachable denture sits on top of the implants above the gum tissue.

Multiple Tooth Implants

Implants are stronger than the natural tooth roots, therefore several missing teeth can sometimes be replaced with fewer implants. For example three missing teeth can be supported by two implants or four missing teeth can be supported by three implants.

Implant Bridge

An Implant Bridge is very much like a conventional Full Coverage Bridge except the support is actually over implants rather than natural teeth. The implants themselves act as man-made roots. A great advantage is that this is self-supporting - unlike a tooth-supported bridge that puts a heavier load on the remaining teeth. Implants are a terrific choice for missing teeth.

Metal-free implants

The StraumannĀ® PURE Ceramic Implant is made from high-strength ceramic material and designed to achieve maximum functional and esthetic performance. The implant has the color of a natural tooth so does not shimmer through in the cases of thin or recessed gums. This allows patients to have a natural-looking and esthetically pleasing outcome.