One Day Implants

New technology now enables one day implants to be done. Immediate implant placement at the time of extraction of a non-infected tooth can shorten overall treatment time by 2 to 6 months. New prefabricated components such as Brånemark's Novum, Replace Select Straight and Replace Select Tapered Dental Implant System from Nobel Biocare now enables shorter treatment time.

These prefabricated components are made to fit practically all types of mandible and enables adjustments to be made in meeting individual esthetic and functional needs. This means that no impressions or temporary components are needed. Thus, the implants can be installed in the morning and in the afternoon the patient receives the permanent fixed crown, bridge or denture.

Technology at Samui Dental Home

TiUnite Dental Implants from Nobel BioCare

The dental implant systems from Nobel Biocare uses the TiUnite material. TiUnite surface provides uniquely superior stabilization that enhances the titanium oxide layer.

TiUnite is a unique implant surface that enables:

  • Enhanced osseointegration for unmatched stablility
  • Immediate Function for patients
  • Ideal texture and porosity for bone apposition
  • Enhanced environment for bone formation
  • Soft Tissue integration for healthy connective/epithelial tissue and a natural looking gingiva
  • Its structure most similar to human cancellous bone thus absorbs blood proteins, aids bone growth

The TiUnite incorporates a multifaceted approach to support the complex biological events that help assure restorative success.

OsseoCare Implant Surgical Set

The OsseoCare Implant Surgical Set from Nobel Biocare , a drilling device used in dentoalveolar surgery and implant site preparation, is used at our clinics.

Stress may have an adverse effect on bone-remodelling around implants, on the implants themselves, components and superstructures. With new technological developments in equipment and machinery, the predictability of immediately loading dental implants can be further enhance.

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria for Immediate Implants

If you have a fractured or decayed tooth that needs to be extracted, a dental implant may be placed at the time of the tooth extraction. However, if your fractured or decayed tooth is infected, immediate dental implant placement is not advisable. There should be no apical disorder or inflammation at the area of the implant site.

Good bone quality and quantity is required for immediate implants to be successful, thus single day implants may not be applicable to all cases. Different bone volume and density and preparation techniques will influence the level of stability. The patient should be healthy and compliant with good oral hygiene.

Other criterias include having good gingival/ periodontal or periapical status of adjacent teeth as well as favourable and stable occlusal relationship.

As with any procedure, it is always important to consult with your dental specialists on whether a particular treatment such as immediate implant is suitable for you.