Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Your teeth can and should last a lifetime. Prevention and early detection are key in avoiding costly and painful dental treatment. Prevention begins with the control of plaque and calculus, the main cause of decay and gum disease.

The most important steps in maintaining oral health and preventing tooth decay are regular brushing and a balanced diet. Additional methods also exist, among them the application of dental sealants. Sealants, made of plastic resin, shield tooth enamel from acids and plaque.

The range of dental prevention in our clinic include:

  • Sealant* protect for your teeth and your child“s teeth with resin
  • Fluoride treatment to help teeth build resistance to decay
  • Caries risk assessment
  • Diet counseling
  • Preventive resin restoration
  • Oral hygiene instruction

Oral Care for Restorations

It is important to look after your new restorations. Try to avoid using abrasive toothpaste that may damage your teeth and restorations and increase sensitivity. It is advisable to use a mouthwash first to loosen plaque etc. and clean with fluoride toothpaste to finish. It is also advisable not to rinse out the toothpaste but just to expectorate.

Full oral hygiene instruction will be given to you by your hygienist. It is now known that certain oral bacteria cause gum disease. Your hygienist will demonstrate to you how to control this disease by disrupting the progress of these bacteria.

You and your hygienist will work closely together to discover some areas of bacterial infection.Your hygienist will carefully clean and polish every tooth surface so those bacteria can be kept under control and show you oral hygiene procedures such as proper brushing and flossing techniques.